There are 3 beaches in Terres Basses St. Martin. Each of these three St. Martin beaches has its own style and setting. This makes staying in Terres Basses an excellent choice for beach lovers. Let’s take a closer look at each of the 3 beaches in Terres Basses and find out what makes them so special.


drone photo of baie longue one of the 3 beaches in terres basses

Baie Longue Beach in Terres Basses, St. Martin is for the beach goer who enjoys long walks. The beach extends from La Sammana for as far as you can see down the coast. This allows a visitor to easily spread out and enjoy the sunshine without the noise of others. Since it’s located in a residential area, there is no commercial activity.

Swimming at Baie Longue Beach

The water at Baie Longue Beach can vary depending on the weather. This means the swimmer has to be careful at times. Strong waves can sometimes be a concern here, but the average swimmer will be able to enjoy the warm ocean on most days.

ocean below with the beach and house in front of white sand

Parking at Baie Longue Beach

Baie Longue Beach has a public parking lot available. Once you have parked your car, it’s a short walk down a path to the beach.

Villas on Baie Longue Beach

Here are some of our vacation rental villas available directly on Baie Longue Beach.

Casa de la Playa

5 bedrooms

Turtle Nest

4 Bedrooms

Blue Beach

4 Bedrooms

Baie Longue Beach House

3 bedrooms


drone photo of plum bay beach in terres basses with the blue ocean on the top and beach on the bottom

Plum Bay Beach in Terres Basses, St. Martin is a simple, yet beautiful beach. If you’re looking to be one with nature, this is a great spot. Once again, being in a residential area allows this beach to be natural, quiet and peaceful. This allows you to relax without the noise of the public.

Swimming at Plum Bay Beach

The water at Plum Bay Beach can be a little rough at times. The benefit of this though, is you’ll often see surfers here. The waves coming in near the edge of the beach provide a great surf. You’ll also have to find entry spots to get in and out of the beautiful ocean safely. Don’t let this distress you from going though! It’s easily manageable by any comfortable swimmer.

Parking at Plum Bay Beach

There is a public parking lot available. It’s rarely full so you shouldn’t have any issue finding a spot. Once you exit your car, travel down the path to the gorgeous ocean view.

Villas on Plum Bay Beach

Here are some of our vacation rental villas available directly on Plum Bay Beach.

Chateau des Palmiers

10 bedrooms

C'est La Vie

6 Bedrooms

Ecume des Jours

4 Bedrooms


Baie Rouge Beach is the most popular and active beach in Terres Basses. This is because the beach is easily accessible to the public. While all beaches are public in St. Martin, this beach is the only one in Terres Basses that doesn’t require going through a security gate. The sand here is deep and soft. Because of this, it’s the perfect beach to lay out on. However, it makes it difficult to walk on and can be quite the beach workout!

Swimming at Baie Rouge Beach

Just like all the beaches in St. Martin, the swimming really depends on the weather. However, at Baie Rouge beach you can normally find a spot to enter and swim comfortably. One end of the beach is not directly in front of any villas, which is where most people gather to swim.

drone photo of a blue ocean with the beach on the right at baie rouge beach in terres basses st martin

Parking at Baie Rouge Beach

This is the easiest parking lot of all the beaches in Terres Basses. It’s large and is only a quick walk to feel the sand. There’s even some steps down to the beach which have recently been painted by @wallartstmartin

Villas on Baie Rouge Beach

Here are some of our vacation rental villas available directly on Baie Rouge Beach.


6 bedrooms

Joie de Vivre

3 bedrooms


5 Bedrooms

Le Caprice

6 Bedrooms

What’s your favorite beach in Terres Basses? How about in all of SXM?

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