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Everything You Need to Know About Baie Longue Beach in Saint Martin

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Vacationing guests at our luxury villa rentals on Baie Longue beach in Terres Basses cherish the tranquility of the long expanse of white sandy beach located at their footsteps. Undoubtedly, this incredible beach in Saint Martin is an amenity in and of itself, delighting our discerning guests seeking a tropical paradise. Whether you're considering a vacation to the aptly named Baie Longue Beach House, Casa de la Playa, Villa RockSea, Villa Turtle Nest, or its sister villa - Villa Blue Beach pictured above, or perhaps even considering buying a villa for sale on Baie Longue beach, here is everything you need to know...

Where is Baie Longue Beach?

In Terres Basses, St. Martin towards the west side of the island, Baie Longue beach, also known as Long Bay beach, is the first beach you’ll cross over to the French side of the island from Sint Maarten as you venture north over the hill from the Dutch-French border, with Cupecoy and the Dutch side of the island in your rearview mirror to the south. 

How Large is Baie Longue Beach?

As the name suggests, Baie Longue beach is a long beach! Baie Longue beach stretches all the way from the La Samanna hotel down to Pointe du Canonnier. While Baie Longue beach is one of the biggest white sand beaches on the island of St. Martin, it is also one of the most private and secluded beaches on the island. 

Is Baie Longue Beach One of the Nicest Beaches in Saint Martin?

Given its privacy and splendor, Baie Longue beach is one of the nicest beaches in St. Martin to relax. Its tranquil blue waters, the soothing sound of the waves, and its azure tones make Long Bay beach one of the best beaches of St. Martin and a priority to see during your vacation on the island. It should come as no surprise that superyachts stop by Baie Longue just to soak in its magnificence. 

Can You See the Sunset from Baie Longue Beach?

The romantic Baie Longue beach offers a brilliant view for the St. Martin sunsets as the sun dives into the horizon, offering visitors a moment that feels absolutely magical. See for yourself in the drone footage below...

Is Nudity Allowed at Baie Longue Beach?

While there are many nude beaches in St. Martin, Baie Longue beach is not one of them. 

Can You Drive ATVs or Vehicles on Baie Longue Beach?

Absolutely no ATVs or 4x4s are allowed on Baie Longue beach. Vehicles are prohibited from driving on Baie Longue beach. Baie Longue beach is a vital nesting area for sea turtles, and Baie Longue beach is a carefully protected coastal conservation zone. 

Is Baie Longue Beach Open to the Public?

If you're not staying in one of our private villa rentals on Baie Longue Beach, don't worry. Baie Longue beach is easily accessible and nearby all of our villa rentals in Terres Basses. If you're not staying or living in Terres Basses, you can still access Baie Longue beach by entering Terres Basses through the main security gate during daylight hours. Rules and restrictions still apply, however. 

Since 1999, St. Martin Sotheby's International Realty has been a leading provider of vacation rentals and real estate services for Terres Basses, St. Martin. Be sure to contact our team of experts today to begin planning your next vacation rental on Baie Longue beach or to discuss buying or selling real estate in Terres Basses

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