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Experience Unparalleled Luxury at La Vue Folle, St. Martin

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St. Martin Sotheby’s International Realty is thrilled to welcome you to the exquisite beauty of La Vue Folle, a villa that captures the essence of luxury. Nested in Terres Basses, Saint Martin, this property offers breathtaking views of Simpson Bay Lagoon, a lavish interior, and captivating outdoor spaces. La Vue Folle, translating to "a crazy sight," is indeed an experience that's nothing short of extraordinary.

A Visual Journey at La Vue Folle

We are excited to present you with our brand-new video showcasing La Vue Folle. This visual journey takes you through the villa's stunning architecture, the serene surroundings, and the mesmerizing views that the property offers. Experience the charm of this Mediterranean-inspired villa as we walk you through its well-appointed spaces.

Your Private Retreat with Exclusive Services

At St. Martin Sotheby’s International Realty, we believe in curating unforgettable experiences for our esteemed clients. Each holiday booking at La Vue Folle comes with an evening of private chef service (food expenses not included) to treat your tastebuds to culinary delights. To add to the celebration, we'll also gift you two complimentary bottles of champagne. Elevate your vacation with these exclusive services that make your stay at La Vue Folle truly unique.

A Closer Look at La Vue Folle

La Vue Folle is more than just a villa; it's a testament to the perfect balance between luxury and comfort. The main entrance leads to a terrace that presents breathtaking views of Simpson Bay Lagoon against a mountainous backdrop, a sight no client has ever forgotten. With two swimming pools, indoor and outdoor kitchens and three luxurious bedrooms, this villa is a paradise for luxury seekers.

Outdoor Grandeur

The outdoor space is adorned with two pools, an oval infinity heated pool, and a rectangular one, each offering a unique perspective of the magnificent Simpson Bay. The exterior also features an outdoor kitchen, perfect for hosting an event or enjoying a casual meal amidst the scenic beauty. Hidden alcoves and viewing areas provide secluded spaces for quiet reflection or engaging conversations.

Indoor Splendor

The interior of La Vue Folle is a blend of traditional Moroccan style and modern elegance. The sprawling living space, high ceilings, and seamless flow from room to room add to its charm. The well-equipped kitchen, the beautifully lit dining area, and the cosy bedrooms with their private terraces ensure a luxurious stay.

The primary bedroom boasts a spacious ensuite bathroom with a jacuzzi that overlooks the beautiful landscape, while the second bedroom can accommodate children with its niche set of bunk beds. The third bedroom, accessed through an exterior entrance, offers a unique layout with a mini staircase, an additional corner for children, and an indoor-outdoor shower.

La Vue Folle is truly a sight to behold. With its stunning views, luxurious amenities, and enchanting spaces, it offers an unforgettable retreat for those seeking to experience the extraordinary. For further details, contact St. Martin Sotheby’s International Realty and let us help you create your dream holiday at La Vue Folle.

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