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Saint Martin Sotheby's International Realty and Sint Maarten Sotheby's International Realty are proud to oversee and provide professional property management services for luxury condominium and villa owners in St. Maarten and St. Martin. Our experienced team offers a customized suite of property management services to our valued clients, and are always focused on improving, optimizing, and protecting our clients' Caribbean real estate assets.   

Our attentive and professional property management personnel ensure your condo or villa is our top priority. We are incredibly proud of the long standing relationships we've built over the last 25+ years with our property owners. Over the decades, we have improved and expanded our suite of property management services and gained unparalleled understanding of the properties we manage, allowing us to offer a level of efficiency and execution to our clients and their properties that is unmatched on this island.

Our team works very hard to make property ownership on the island as simplified and stress-free as possible. As no two properties in Sint Maarten and Saint Martin are identical, we offer each and every owner a fully customizable package of property management services to suit their requirements while remaining a cost effective solution. Typical services can vary from property administration services such as employee selection, supervision, and bookkeeping to property maintenance services such as repairs, renovation management, and landscaping. 

Currently, our property management services are only offered in conjunction with our condo and villa rental programs to maximize passive income for the property owners we represent. While some of our property owners are locally-based in the Caribbean, many of them are based internationally and their property in Sint Maarten or Saint Martin is considered an investment rather than their primary property. Our locally-based team of professionals streamlines property investment and ownership in Sint Maarten and Saint Martin and allows owners to maximize rental revenues for their property without the tremendous time commitment involved with the day-to-day renting, cleaning, maintaining, and managing of the property. Not only do we handle the marketing of your condo or villa, but we also take care of collecting all booking information, capturing deposits, and keeping accounting records while offering on-site services for rental clients, including 24/7 concierge services, airport pick-up and drop-off, dining and excursion reservations, and more.

A majority of the property owners we represent prefer to delegate the management of their luxury condo or villa to us so that they can relax and enjoy the pleasures of their beautiful property when they want to, and maximize their return on investment for the remainder of the year.

As mentioned above, our team of professionals will take care of any and all of the needs of your property and offer a range of condo and villa management services at competitive rates including but not limited to:

• Selection and management of property staff;
• Cleaning and provisioning services; 
• Maintenance of the property, garden, pool, and premises;
• Assistance with utilities and other service providers such as water, electricity, telecommunications, banking, tax and insurance.

The aforementioned services are just an sampling of the many services we can offer owners and as every property is unique, we always advise that prospective clients contact us to discuss their requirements and objectives.

Property owners trust Sotheby's International Realty more than any other company on the island to manage their luxury condos and villas in Saint Martin and Sint Maarten. If you are looking for a professional property management company to take care of your condominium or villa, please contact us or visit one of our offices today and send us some details about your property. 

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