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St. Martin Sotheby's Realty partner as exclusive sales agents with Vie L'Ven Luxury Hotel & Residences

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St. Martin Sotheby's Realty became the exclusive agent for the new development project, Vie L’ven. Vie L’ven is a luxury hotel and residence that is currently under construction in Indigo Bay, St. Maarten. This grand estate will include the most luxurious oceanfront resort and residences for guests to bask in the glistening waters of the sea. The exquisite five-star hotel will introduce first-class service along with the utmost care in concierge services on the island. For an exceptional culinary experience, Vie L’ven will consist of three world-class restaurants perfect for any appetite. The wellness spa along with the three magnificent pools will assure any guest has an authentic relaxation experience. To top it all off, there is a fitness center available for yogis and gym aficionados alike. 

For the residences portion of the project, it will feature 253 suites ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms where they will be fully furnished to suit the client’s taste. The size of these establishments goes from 600 sq. ft. to 6,000 sq. ft. so there is something for everyone. Three main types of suites include the Deluxe, Executive, and Junior suites, each with various room availability and capacity. In addition, individuals will be surrounded by nature at all times with organic gardens and opportunities to add a private plunge pool if necessary. Access to amenities and services including hotel facilities and food services are awarded to all residents. Vie L’Ven aims to provide an unconditional level of luxury and service to its clients. 

For the resort segment of the project, Vie L’ven is delighted to be affiliated with Leading Hotels. Hospitality and premier care are at the core of Leading Hotels (LHW). LHW are experts in producing successful luxurious hotels for clients all over the globe. Their resume of over 400 hotels in over 80 countries demonstrates the effect of their service. It is no surprise Vie L’Ven’s collaboration with LHW will showcase nothing short of perfection in curating the most extravagant five-star hotel on the island. The CEO and founder of the project at Altree Developments, Zev Mandelbaum, states that “we are excited to be included among the esteemed Leading Hotels in the World, alongside the most exquisite and opulent properties globally.” 

Alessandro Munge, the founder of Studio Munge, will be fulfilling the design director position. Studio Munge has been conquering the design industry in the recent 20 years. His inspirations are dictated through cultural travel, human experience, and the ever-evolving arts. Studio Munge defies the rules of convention and strives for creating spaces and designs that transcends expectation. Munge will provide Vie L’ven with the finishing touches and aesthetics the resort requires. Everything from landscaping to architecture to interiors is covered through the visionary eye of Studio Munge. They elevate any concept from an idea into an award-winning luxury residential and hospitality project, particularly with their collaborations with world-renowned global developers and hotel operators. Munge truly understands the art of design and the impact it has in creating a space for guests to relish in. 

Fernando Arteaga is the Regional Design, Hospitality, and principal director at HKS Architects. Arteaga emphasizes strategy through innovative design and truly dissects the principles of viability and profitability. He is a multifaceted individual in which his expertise in resort master planning, full-service hotel design, and F&B services lead him to the most effective product planning for hospitality, mixed-use, corporate and entertainment developments. Arteaga’s experience is vast with his global catalog allowing him to pursue design management and project construction in the hospitality field. His position grants him the responsibilities of performing immense project analysis along with master landscaping, design development, construction documentation, engineering coordination, and business development. All of these important roles allow him to fulfill his position in the Vie L’Ven project to the highest standard. 

The Vie L'Ven project, represented exclusively by St. Martin Sotheby's Realty, promises to redefine luxury living and hospitality in Indigo Bay, St. Maarten. With its awe-inspiring oceanfront resort and opulent residences, the grand estate offers an unparalleled experience. Guests can indulge in first-class service and concierge care, relish in three world-class restaurants, and unwind at the wellness spa and magnificent pools. The fully furnished suites, ranging from 600 sq. ft. to 6,000 sq. ft., cater to various preferences, surrounded by lush organic gardens. Partnering with Leading Hotels ensures that Vie L'Ven will epitomize perfection in the realm of five-star hotels. Guided by the visionary eye of Studio Munge and the expertise of Fernando Arteaga, the project is destined to transcend expectations and deliver an extraordinary space where guests can truly revel in the art of luxury.

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