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Villa Les Palmiers Welcomes an Enchanting New Video and Pictures

जन. १३, २०२४
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The beloved Villa Les Palmiers, recognized for its wonderful beach-front feature and the romantic bliss it offers honeymooners, has received a new video and pictures highlighting the home’s allure. As adorned on the cover of Conde Nast Traveler magazine, this one-bedroom villa is placed on the graceful shores of Baie Rouge Beach, where couples can unwind and experience St. Martin first-hand. The video showcases beautiful aerial shots of the villa highlighting the Caribbean Sea, the glistening pool, and the wonderful structure of the home itself. The video, produced by St. Martin Sotheby’s International Realty, almost encapsulates the magical feel of the property, though experiencing it in person is truly something to be sought after. 

Villa Les Palmiers is a one-bedroom haven nestled into the beautiful region of Terres Basses, St. Martin. The bedroom features a four-poster king bed accompanied by luxurious textures and materials around this space. The ensuite bathroom boasts the marble mosaic that embraces the open shower; while the two sinks, personal vanities, and walk-in closets entice any fortunate guest into staying longer. For cuisine, there is a fully-equipped kitchen and outdoor BBQ, ideal for indulging in gourmet delights by a candle-lit scene. The terrace showcases a mosaic table for a romantic meal while taking in the sights of the sea. Its intimate ambience and interiors compliment the exteriors beautifully. From the pool to the living spaces, this villa is a treat.

The outdoor region of this villa lures guests in, with its pool and endless ocean views. The enchanting Baie Rouge Beach, along with the delicate sounds of the ocean lapping into the sandy shores is an inviting entrance into the Caribbean Sea. Couples can take a dip into the azure waters or perhaps relax by the mosaic glass-trimmed pool. Experience the utmost tranquility as guests can take in the sun while lying on the comfortable loungers on the terrace or beach. The breathtaking surroundings are the perfect canvas for love to unfold in this honeymoon dream. Check out the latest video of this home to truly experience the magic! Villa Les Palmiers New Video.

Why wait to book a stay in this magnificent villa? St. Martin Sotheby’s Realty has created the perfect promotion to encourage guests to make the purchase. Until the 31st of January 2024, clients can book a stay in Villa Les Palmiers whenever they would like and receive a choice of three incentives. The gifts included in this promotion are delicious complimentary breakfasts, peaceful complimentary massages, or $400 Credit for Concierge Services. There is no time to waste! Book within the coming weeks and experience this villa in all of its glory. For further information contact [email protected]. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Villa Les Palmiers stands as a beloved one-bedroom retreat on the exquisite Baie Rouge Beach, celebrated for its romantic ambience and beach-front allure. The recent release of a captivating video and images by St. Martin Sotheby's Realty provides a picturesque glimpse into the villa's charm, featuring the Caribbean Sea backdrop, a sparkling pool, and elegant architecture. With its intimate interiors seamlessly blending with the enchanting exteriors, including a mosaic-trimmed pool and ocean-view terrace, Les Palmiers offers couples a dreamy honeymoon escape. A limited-time promotion by St. Martin Sotheby's International Realty, available until January 31, 2024, presents enticing incentives like complimentary breakfasts, soothing massages, or a $400 concierge services credit. Contact our team today so you don't miss the chance to experience the magic of Villa Les Palmiers!

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