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Eating at the Lolo’s in Grand Case

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St. Martin is known as the “Friendly Island,” and Grand Case embodies that title. From the local food to the blissful beach, there is plenty to do, eat, and drink on this part of the island. At St. Martin Sotheby's Realty, guests are always encouraged to visit this strip of restaurants making this a vital part of the Caribbean experience. 

Grand Case is located in the North western part of the country and has remained true to its fishing village essence. As you commence your walk, you will immediately be greeted by the infamous “Lolos,” serving Creole classics in the heart of St. Martin. There are four restaurants stacked each accompanied with metal oil barrels that are cut in half and used as grills to cook the most delicious barbecued dishes you could ask for. There are two other Lolos located further down the strip. Each restaurant entices with its inviting scent of barbecued meats that lures you into any of the Lolos. 

For food they have a variety of dishes available for any visitor to dabble in. The most typical combination of food to order is the classic chicken and ribs balanced with one to five selections of sides. At St. Martin Sotheby’s Realty, we place huge emphasis on eating the chicken, ribs, potato salad and johnny cake all combined with the sweet Ting drink or the Carib beer to top off the real Creole flavor. 

In terms of taste, the chicken and ribs are perfectly balanced with that exceptional smokey flavor and the umami richness. The crispy skins of the chicken followed by the tender taste of perfectly salted ribs makes any visitor eager to try more. The potato salad, finished off with onions, garlic and peas contributing to the hearty johnny cake creates a fusion of flavors like no other. As you take a sip of your refreshing drink of choice, enjoy the magnificent views of the Creole Rock and Anguilla in the far distance. Grand Case intoxicates with the turquoise waters, the barbeque smells, and the authentic local feel, making new or traveled visitors come back time and time again. 

Grand Case in St. Martin lives up to its reputation as the epitome of a friendly island. The unique experience of dining at the Lolos, savoring the delectable barbecued dishes, and immersing oneself in the local culture is truly unforgettable. From the perfect balance of flavors in the chicken and ribs to the fusion of tastes in the potato salad and johnny cake, every bite offers a delightful culinary adventure. Grand Case leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits. 

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