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Featured Property: Villa La Casa Del Jefe near Orient Bay

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Quick Summary

Villa La Casa del Jefe is a magical oasis nestled into the Mont Vernon cliffside where it offers spectacular views. The property has an incredible 180 degree span of Orient Bay to Grand Case, with Tintamarre island and Pinel island in between, thanks to its high elevation. There are four bedrooms to choose from, with each location of this home showcases unparalleled views and outstanding comfort for all guests. This property has clients living like a boss with luxurious amenities and an incredible infinity pool to top it all off. This villa seamlessly combines high-end opulence with affordability, making it an ideal choice for large groups. Enjoying the best of St. Martin life is achieved through booking a night with La Casa del Jefe; Book a night and stay now!  

Exterior & Pool

The exterior is out of a dream with natural vegetation framing the view of the neverending ocean. The expansive terrace is made of glass railings to extend the space with outdoor seating provided to make use of picturesque St. Martin. The gleaming infinity pool is perfect for cooling off while unwinding in this private sanctuary. Sunbathing in the pool loungers after a refreshing swim and indulging in a sparkling glass of champagne at one of the tall tables surrounding the pool is the best way to experience paradise. There is a covered outdoor dining area for relishing in a secluded meal while also experiencing the delights of the evening in the outdoors. The high elevation allows for a gentle breeze to pass through the property and create a cooling atmosphere inside and outside. To heighten the overall experience, taking advantage of the stereo speakers available outdoors sets the rhythmic mood while lounging, dining or perhaps while playing pool with friends and family. 

Living & Kitchen Space 

As enchanting as the exterior is, the interiors are truly inviting due to the indoor and outdoor living experience made possible with the transparent glass sliding doors. The comforting living room is decorated with plush couches and sofas arranged around the considerable flat-screen TV for guests to revel in a viewing experience with everyone. The living room seamlessly blends into the kitchen through the open plan arrangement creating a vast communal space for all guests to savor. The spacious and equipped kitchen is ideal for preparing a culinary dish of the clients choosing or potentially splurge on hiring a private chef for a special occasion. The large dining table, along with the breakfast nook, provides plenty of space for conversing and socializing with family and friends. The interiors lead into the four, tranquil bedrooms that circle around the central collective space. Nothing can beat the relaxing nature of this home.


The four bedrooms feature large king-sized beds and illustrate views of the sea from the glass sliding doors, making certain the sights below are always seen, regardless of the room that is chosen. As a result, there is interior and exterior access leading into the terrace, allowing a sense of privacy for all guests, while also encouraging that sense of community within the home. Each room is delightfully decorated with subtle colors or subdued neutral tones, to suit a range of personalities a group of family or friends may have. There is an ensuite bathroom including personal double vanities and an enticing shower for two of the bedrooms in the villa. The primary bathrooms have an outdoor shower area with wooden and stone components to capture that authentic, natural environment. The atmospheric aura of the villa can be sensed in its interiors while the exteriors offer a serene aquatic experience to enjoy the pool and sip on a beverage in the sun. 

Thanks to its prime location, Villa La Casa del Jefe is conveniently situated in Mont Vernon 3, offering easy access to the stunning Orient Bay beach and a variety of gourmet restaurants in Orient Village and Grand Case. Additionally, the shopping area of Hope Estate is within reach, providing convenience and options for exploration. Whether you seek mountainous relaxation or culinary adventures, this villa allows you to enjoy the very best of St. Martin life. Villa La Casa del Jefe is the perfect Caribbean getaway, promising relaxation, privacy, and luxury in a breathtaking cliffside setting with endless inspiring views. Don't miss the opportunity to bask in the luxurious comfort of La Casa del Jefe; book a night HERE and savor an unparalleled Caribbean retreat! 

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