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Princess Juliana Airport's Renovated Arrivals Terminal to Reopen by October

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Locals, as well as travelers who have recently flown to Sint Maarten's Princess Juliana International Airport, bearing the International Air Transport Association code SXM, have all been wondering the same thing. When is the newly renovated arrivals terminal expected to be completed? In a recent interview with PJIA Commercial Director Michiel Parent, he shared the anticipated timeline...

Tourists as well as locals rejoiced when St. Maarten's Princess Juliana International Airport recently reopened its modernized departures terminal. While this was a major milestone for travelers leaving SXM, signifying the island's recovery following the devastation from Hurricane Irma in 2017, many air passengers have been left wondering when the arrivals terminal would be completed. 

Whether traveling to SXM as a final destination or traveling through to neighboring islands such as Anguilla, Saba, or Saint Barthélemy, Princess Juliana International Airport's arrivals terminal in many respects is the first impression of St. Maarten. Understandably, the completion of the SXM arrivals terminal is highly anticipated.  

In Steven Howard's recent interview with Princess Juliana International Airport's Commercial Director, Michiel Parent, at the Routes Europe 2024 event held in Aarhus, Denmark, Parent addressed this matter providing clarity on the expected reopening timeline. 

"With the opening, the complete reopening of the terminal in October of this year, September of this year we hope, we'll be back to a full capacity of 2.5 million passengers."  - Michiel Parent, PJIA Commercial Director

In our opinion, this is great news as a complete reopening of SXM airport in September or October of this year would ensure that travelers visiting St. Maarten and St. Martin in the 2024 - 2025 high season would enjoy a modernized experience. 

Furthermore, the complete reopening of Princess Juliana International Airport would bode will for our vacation rental property owners as they'd likely see a robust uptick in bookings for the upcoming season. The increased airport capacity could also likely lead to an uptick in St. Maarten and St. Martin property values. This reopening would be a nice tailwind for the local real estate market coupled with the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau and the St. Maarten Hospitality & Trade Association's recently launched campaign to boost summer tourism in the island's low season. 

As discussed in our recent analysis of the island's Q1 tourism data, travel to St. Maarten is booming and on track for a great year. The aforementioned catalysts are likely to keep this upswing going in a measurable way. You can check out the full interview with Princess Juliana International Airport's Commercial Director, Michiel Parent, below. 

Caribbean travelers and real estate investors alike are urged to contact our experienced team of specialists to begin planning their next trip to Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, or to discuss their real estate buying and selling needs today. 

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