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The Potential of Liberty Inn in Simpson Bay

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Quick Summary

A Prime Location for a Commercial Space

Located in Simpson Bay, the Liberty Inn may not initially catch your eye, but its potential for greatness is undeniable. This commercial lot is now available for sale, offering multiple units that can be transformed into something truly special. Situated in the heart of Simpson Bay, with beautiful yachts as a backdrop, the location alone is enough to make this commercial space an attractive investment.

A Closer Look at the Units

Downstairs Units

The Liberty Inn features both upstairs and downstairs units, each with its own main entry. Let's start by exploring the downstairs units and their possibilities.

Unit 1

Unit 1 on the ground floor offers a spacious apartment-like setting. It includes a kitchen space, a bathroom, a main living area, and a bedroom. Although it may not be visually appealing at the moment, with the right vision and ideas, this space can be transformed into something truly remarkable. What makes this unit even more enticing is its access to a patio, creating an inviting indoor-outdoor living experience.

Unit 2

Moving on to unit 2 on the ground floor, we find a kitchen area and a wide open space that can serve as a living room or a bedroom. Additionally, this unit offers a private hideaway that leads directly to the dock area, providing unique opportunities for customization. With a bathroom, another potential bedroom, and a storage space, this unit has great potential for those willing to put in the effort and bring out its true beauty.

Upstairs Units

The upstairs units at the Liberty Inn offer a different perspective, showcasing the stunning location and proximity to the beach.

Room 1

Room 1 is a studio apartment-like space with a kitchen area, a living space, a bed, and a bathroom. The highlight of this room is its view overlooking the beach, making it a prime spot for guests seeking a cozy and convenient experience.

Room 2

Although currently a little dark, Room 2 has potential. With a deck that overlooks the Lagoon, this room offers a unique experience. Similar to Room 1, it features a bed, a bathroom, and a kitchen space. With some renovations, this room can become a charming retreat for guests.

Rooms 3, 4, and 5

Rooms 3, 4, and 5 are located further down the hallway upstairs. Room 3 stands out with its loft area where the bed is situated, providing additional space and a premium feel. Room 4 is another studio space, complete with a bedroom, a living area, and a kitchen spot. Its view of the street, especially the nearby Captain's Rib Shack, adds to its allure. Finally, Room 5 is a two-bedroom unit with a kitchen, a living space, and a deck overlooking the Lagoon. The spiral staircase leads to a second bedroom and another bathroom, making this unit perfect for larger groups or families.

Create Something Extraordinary

The Liberty Inn may not immediately exude luxury, but with a little imagination and some renovations, it has the potential to become an exceptional commercial space. Its prime location in Simpson Bay, surrounded by the beauty of the area, makes it a worthwhile investment. Whether you're looking to establish a cozy beachside inn or a vibrant commercial complex, the Liberty Inn offers a blank canvas ready for your creative touch.

Contact a St Martin Real Estate Agent

If you're interested in purchasing this commercial space in the heart of Simpson Bay, reach out to Harrison Drouin-Reed, a trusted real estate agent with St Martin Sotheby's International Realty. With their expertise and guidance, you can turn your vision into reality at the Liberty Inn.

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