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Three Ways to Travel to Anguilla from St. Martin

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Anguilla is a peaceful island renowned for its magnificent white sand beaches and tranquil environment that encompasses the atmospheric and quiet island life visitors strive for. Taking a day trip to this beautiful island is essential when searching for the finest wide stretch beaches the Caribbean has to offer. Whether you wish to travel by ferry, boat charter or even private plane, Anguilla and Saint Martin can accommodate your travel desires. These two islands combined can make certain your trip will be a seamless one from dock to dock or perhaps airport to airport. 

Ferry to Anguilla

Potentially the most common form of travel from SXM to AXA (Anguilla), taking a ferry is the most inexpensive option for visitors. By taking the ferry most people opt for a car rental or a taxi service to get around the island on land. The Marigot terminal in St. Martin departs eight times daily from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm with a ferry leaving approximately every hour. The entirety of the ferry journey lasts around 25 minutes, however, make sure to prepare in advance as the journey can be a little choppy at times. As of June 2023, the one-way fare costs $30 (USD), the $5 St. Martin port tax. Make sure to bring cash as this is the only payment accepted on this excursion.

Returning to St. Martin from Anguilla, through the recently renovated Blowing Point terminal, can be discharged from the hours of 8:30 am to 5:15 pm. The journey lasts the same amount of time as the inbound experience and ends up costing an additional $28 to return to St. Martin shores plus the $11 Anguilla port tax. The sites from the ferry, once departing from either island, are impressive as you see the outline of panoramic Anguilla or mountainous St. Martin. 

In terms of affordability, taking the ferry is the best bet for vacationers wishing to travel to Anguilla for a day trip. However, the ferry is by far the less convenient form of transport compared to a private boat or plane. Though the journey lasts 25 minutes or so, going through customs and waiting for your boat to arrive all add up to the limited time spent on the island. In addition, advanced reservations for the ferry are not permitted and purchases must be made on-site at the chosen time of departure. 

Boat Charter to Anguilla

Why choose land when Anguilla can be explored from the ocean while also enjoying the pristine beaches. For comfort whilst still on water, chartering a boat for a day is one of the most convenient options for individuals who wish to travel in style. The opportunity to take a private or public charter depends on the person, as both options have their advantages and limitations. Most boats leave from St. Maarten, Dutch side, at the Ferry terminal located close to the Princess Juliana Airport.

Taking a private boat charter offers the opportunity to see the island from the perspective of the water. It allows for a more immersive experience of the country by seeing and enjoying the beaches while viewing the cliffs that line the perimeter of Anguilla. Individuals can enjoy dining by the water, jumping off of the boat and seeing the array of wildlife the sea and land has on display. On the contrary, the shared charter experience can also present similar experiences with the only variation being the unknown group setting. If preference lies in the hands of complete ownership of what is seen and done, then a private boat will be more suited. 

Regardless of the charter chosen, contact must be made with the customs and immigration offices at Road Bay in Sandy Ground, Anguilla. The entry process should be handled by the captain or boat agent to ensure a smooth arrival into British territory. The cost will depend on the chosen boat charter option, with prices varying based on the size and style of the boat that best suits the client's preferences and needs. For further information on boat charters, contact St. Martin Sotheby's Realty for any queries and assistance required. 

Flight to Anguilla

Why not take part in the world’s shortest international flight that takes place from SXM (St. Maarten's Princess Juliana International Airport) to AXA (Anguilla's Clayton J. Lloyd Airport)? The whole journey lasts between 7 to 10 minutes making the journey the most rapid flight compared to any other plane ride out there. Direct flights depart from SXM Princess Juliana Airport and will arrive in the AXA Clayton J. Lloyd Airport. To fly there, passengers can take the Anguilla Air Services or book a separate private executive charter. 

Cost for the Anguilla Air Services flight can range from $400-$500 between low and high season but this varies based on a number of factors. This fare includes all taxes and fees required by the country and provides one free checked bag. Clients need to complete customs and immigrations at the designated airport. Despite the cost of the flight, the outstanding views witnessed from the plane are unmatched. The scenes of the two islands while crossing the Anguilla Channel can only be compared to something out of a dream with the glistening turquoise waters against the green vegetative land. Not to forget the short amount of time spent on the airplane itself which is truly extraordinary. Arrangements can be made for those wishing to commute by plane by contacting St. Martin Sotheby’s Realty. 

Anguilla and St. Martin offer various travel options that cater to the discerning traveler's preferences. Whether it's the affordable and scenic ferry journey, the convenient and stylish boat charter experience, or the breathtakingly short plane flight, both islands ensure a seamless and memorable trip. From the magnificent white sand beaches to the panoramic views and tranquil atmosphere, these Caribbean gems promise a luxurious escape for those seeking the finest in island travel. 

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