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Villa Jasper Welcomes a New Video Showcasing the Updated Property

जुन २२, २०२३
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Villa Jasper has a fascinating history as it was once owned by the legendary Jasper Johns, the renowned American modern artist of the 1950s. With such a rich history, it deserves nothing short of an impressive video that encapsulates the true artistic and serene ambiance of the house. Villa Jasper is pleased to present a new video that introduces the world of Jasper through the lens of architect Philip Johnson. 

Thanks to its location, Villa Jasper enhances the breathtaking view of Simpson Bay Lagoon with the white walls that beautifully contrasts the vibrant greenery and vegetation. The hillside position, located in Terres-Basses, St. Martin, allows for a pleasant yet protected gentle breeze all year round. The house is nothing less than organic in appearance allowing for the rustic tones to shine through. The tranquil walled garden is adorned with a glistening swimming pool along with the tall gum trees that creates a dappled light effect, similar to the artistic feathery impression created in art. The sunny terrace along with the teak day beds creates the zen-like atmosphere achieved by the ornamental poolside lounge that offers a shaded area. The video encompasses the earthy appearance of the house while adding to the blue reflective waters and verdant flora. 

The interior transports the soothing spirit of the exterior inside with the luminous, church-like ambiance that echoes the natural light into all areas of the room. The sliding glass doors span the entire length of the space that exposes the 180-degree view of the water below. Within the open plan living space, lies the serene, custom-designed light oak kitchen and white quartz central island that conveys that homey feeling in the villa. The living space, accompanied by a comfortable TV viewing area, is supported by a spacious couch that creates an inviting and social atmosphere.  

Experience the sanctuary-like feel of this remarkable property through the bedrooms that perfectly blends nature with comfort. Two of the bedrooms are located beside the kitchen and living area and are complemented by picturesque sea views. The bathrooms are made of iridescent Bisazza mosaic tile showers that mimic the water reflecting the enthralling views. The third room, situated towards the back of the house, can be accessed from the garden. This allows for a personal stone-walled garden, complete with an ornamental pool, a fountain, and a pergola seating area full of tropical plants making this space an enchanting haven for any guest. The en-suite bathroom presents the indoor and outdoor shower with earthy tiles nestled within the lush, private garden. The video does justice to the calm aura of the villa, from the soothing interiors to the authentic exteriors, this is more than a home. 

Outdoor & Pool Area 

The outdoor area includes a set of six lounge chairs, perfect for enjoying the sun by the shimmering water. There is a grill available for individuals wishing to conduct a barbeque with friends or family. In addition, there is an outdoor dining area for enjoying peaceful dinners. For entertainment in the sun, there are a variety of flotation devices available. 

Kitchen & Living Area 

The kitchen is home to a variety of novel equipment to suit any requirement. There are two refrigerators available along with a juicer, a Nespresso machine, a dishwasher, among other basic appliances. The urban cultivator allows for freshly grown herbs to top off any dishes prepared within the villa. Additionally, the wine cooler provides fresh wine for when refreshing drinks are a must. The kitchen seamlessly flows into the living room with the comforting seating area that faces the TV disguised as an art piece. The homelike feel of this space creates a welcoming environment for guests wishing to relax. 

Bedroom One

The first bedroom contains one king bed with a water view overlooking the Simpson Bay Lagoon. There is a walk-in shower directly behind the bed with blue tiling that mimics the sea view already presented from the bed. The exterior entrance allows for access to the pool and other areas of the villa with ease. The TV and air conditioning can be utilized for unwinding and cooling down after a day in the sun.  

Bedroom Two

The second bedroom is located next to the kitchen/living area with exterior access full of natural vegetation sites and an inviting gazebo for lounging with a chilled glass of wine. The king bed is placed alongside scenes of Simpson Bay Lagoon to the right and the garden to the left. The decorative green tiling in the second shower along with the ensuite has windows that look out over the sea. There is also air conditioning and a large flat-screen TV available in this bedroom.

Bedroom Three

The third bedroom with its king bed is located at the rear of the house, creating a private space for individuals searching for tranquility. The garden oasis beside the bedroom, is an inviting area to read a book and immerse in nature. There is a gentle fountain and pool structure that contributes to the peaceful atmosphere. There is both an indoor and outdoor shower with coral tiling to experience plein air living like nothing else. Air conditioning and TV is available in this bedroom. 

Villa Jasper’s fascinating history of the previous owner, American artist Jasper Johns, has been captured in an impressive new video that demonstrates the true artistic and serene ambiance of the house. Architect, Philip Johnson, beautifully portrays the architectural organic flair of the house against the Simpson Bay Lagoon backdrop. From the luminous and inviting interior to the tranquil walled garden adorned with a glistening swimming pool, Villa Jasper's latest video captures the essence of this remarkable property. Contact us today to book your next Saint Martin vacation rental at Villa Jasper.

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