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What You Need to Know About Petite Plage in Saint Martin

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Guests at our luxury vacation villa rentals in Grand Case appreciate the beauty of the wide stretch of white sand beach located at their footsteps. Facing out towards the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla between Happy Bay and Anse Marcel, Petite Plage, which is French for small beach, is a beautiful little beach in Saint Martin that can be seen as an amenity for those renting in the area or a waypoint worthy of a short drive for those staying elsewhere. The calm clear blue waters and active marine life make Petite Plage one of the best spots in St. Martin for free diving and snorkeling. 

Whether you're considering renting the appropriately named Petite Plage 4 villa or Petite Plage 5 villa, or perhaps even considering buying a property in Saint Martin nearby, here is everything you need to know about Petite Plage...

Where is Petite Plage a.k.a. Small Beach?

Petite Plage is all the way at the northernmost end of Grand Case on the French side of St. Martin opposite from Creole Rock. If you are renting one of the aforementioned villas you can step right out onto Petite Plage beach from your property. If you are visiting Petite Plage beach from elsewhere on the island, the beach is located just steps from Rue de la Petit Plage, a road that stems off of Route de l'Espérance. Once you are at the end of Rue de la Petit Plage, you can find Petite Plage beach down the stairs and to the left. 

Coming from the western side of the island, Petite Plage beach is a 30 minute drive from Terres Basses and just a 15 minute drive from Marigot. Coming from the the eastern side of the island, Petite Plage beach is a 20 minute drive from Anse Marcel and less than 15 minutes from Orient Bay.  

Is Petite Plage Beach Open to the Public?

If you're not staying in one of our private villa rentals on Petite Plage beach, don't worry. Petite Plage beach is easily accessible and open to the public.

Can I Park at Petite Plage Beach?

The parking situation near Petite Plage beach is very simple. While there are small paid parking lots throughout Grand Case, free parking is also a readily available option. You can park your car on the side of the road on Rue de la Petit Plage without issue. 

Is Petite Plage Beach Busy?

Not at all! Petite Plage beach is secluded and far up the beach from the action of Grand Case's beach restaurants and bars. Petite Plage is rarely crowded as few tourists are aware of its existence, however, it is a favorite among many locals on weekends. 

Is Petite Plage Beach One of the Nicest Beaches in Saint Martin?

Given its seclusion and sheer natural beauty, Petite Plage beach is certainly one of the nicest beaches in St. Martin to relax. Its calm blue waters and soft white sand make Petite Plage beach one of the best beaches in St. Martin and a must-see during a trip to the island. It should come as no surprise that boat charters stop by Petite Plage just for their guests to experience its unique splendor.

What Kinds of Marine Life Can You See Near Petite Plage?

As mentioned above, Petite Plage is a hotspot for free-diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling in St. Martin. Easily accessible for divers and snorkelers of all skill levels, there are rock and coral formations only 3 - 15 feet deep into the water along the coastline of Petite Plage. You can find starfish, lobsters, sea turtles, and so many different colorful schools of fish. Many people like to snorkel from Petite Plage all the way over to Creole Rock. 

What is There To Do Near Petite Plage? 

Petite Plage beach itself has a boutique hotel called the Grand Case Beach Club on one side and beautiful beachfront villas on the other side. Most people go to Petite Plage to relax, get a tan, swim in the water, and go diving and snorkeling. While the hotel has a handful of beach chairs for its guests, be sure to bring a towel or beach chair for yourself. If you're hungry for some local St. Martin cuisine, be sure to check out the Lolos in Grand Case


Petite Plage is a tiny piece of heaven on earth with calm glimmering water and a white sand beach. Without a doubt, Petite Plage beach in Saint Martin is an amenity in and of itself for those renting villas nearby, and a worthwhile excursion for anyone else vacationing on island, delighting our discerning guests seeking a secluded slice of paradise. Since 1999, St. Martin Sotheby's International Realty has been a leading provider of vacation rentals and real estate services in Saint Martin. Be sure to contact our team of professionals today to begin planning your next vacation rental on Petite Plage beach or to discuss buying or selling real estate in the Grand Case area. 

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