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Visit The Secluded Happy Bay Beach In St. Martin

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Happy Bay is a distinct beach, positioned between two mountains, that has been delighting swimmers, beach goers and nudists for centuries. Within the island of St. Martin, no beach can match the visuals of this bay with its enchanting energy that lures people in. The pale, delicate sand and the crystal clear waters creates the haven that gives Happy Bay its esteemed title. Behind the beach is an array of vegetation and wildlife that surrounds the sandy stretch, sheltering from the wind while also allowing a mere, gentle breeze to rustle through the trees. This intimate, authentic beach is perfect for individuals in search of utopia. 


Based on the north-western shore of St. Martin (French Side), Happy Bay neighbors culinary capital, Grand Case and casual, family-oriented Friar’s Bay. Due to its secluded position, visitors wishing to go to Happy Bay must hike a short 10-15 minute walk from Friar’s Bay. The most accessible way is by driving to Friar’s Bay and walking to the right until an earthy path is revealed. The beautiful hike is accompanied with orange arrows that direct the course of travel towards the beach. Most individuals should be perfect with flip flops, towels and perhaps a couple of drinks to bask in the refreshing nature of the bay; though traveling lightly is best.  The hike towards the beach is nothing short of picturesque and beach goers should take in the sights of nature and capture a few photos to remember the journey to Happy Bay! Upon arrival, the beach invites with its sparkling sand and glistening waters. A point of note, this beach is recognized for its seclusion and many people feel at one with nature, thus making Happy Bay an unofficial nude beach. Unwind with an open mind and a dive into the sea at ease with an optional bathing suit. 

SXM Festival 

Happy Bay is known for its pristine beauty and privacy however, it is also known for the legendary SXM Festival. This festival is known worldwide as one of the best techno scenes out there placed against the beautiful backdrop of the island of St. Martin. The festival spans over a five day period in March and includes a lineup of over a hundred international artists appreciated for their live performances in the techno and electronic genre. This musical marathon is not for the faint of heart but rather for the adventure seekers, the techno lovers and the dance fanatics. The occasion features an array of events ranging from midday yacht cruises, extravagant villa parties, and beachside DJ sets and more. To complete this electronic madness, there are breathtaking art installations presented all around the festival, most of which are handcrafted and built internationally by esteemed artists. Why not delve into the depths of St. Martin by joining the island on this musical journey that will leave any visitors rushing to return year after year. 

Villas Available 

At. St. Martin Sotheby’s Realty, there is an array of villas and properties located close to the wonderful Happy Bay Beach. Villas Sea Dream, Blue Sailing and Happy Bay are available to rent and are perfect for individuals wishing to experience St. Martin (French Side) while also indulging in tranquility, privacy, and elegance. 

Villa Happy Bay 

Villa Happy Bay is an extravagant property with epic views of Happy Bay Beach and beyond in St. Martin.

Available to rent privately as a 2, 3 or 4 bedroom. 

For further information click HERE. 

Villa Sea Dream 

Villa Sea Dream enchants with its wonderful views of Friar's Bay located in Happy Bay, St. Martin.

Available to rent privately as a 3 bedroom. 

For further information click HERE. 

Villa Blue Sailing

Villa Blue Sailing is located on a scenic hillside with a view of Friar's Bay beneath, located in Happy Bay, St. Martin.

Available to rent privately as a 3 bedroom.

For further information click HERE. 

Happy Bay, an idyllic beach tucked between majestic mountains, has delighted swimmers, beachgoers, and nudists for centuries with its enchanting energy and esteemed title. Whether you seek the blissful serenity of the pale, delicate sand and crystal-clear waters or the exhilarating beats of the legendary SXM Festival, Happy Bay promises an unforgettable experience. For those yearning to experience the beauty of St. Martin (French Side) while indulging in tranquility and privacy, Villas Sea Dream, Blue Sailing, and Happy Bay with St. Martin Sotheby's Realty offers elegant rental options for this intimate and authentic paradise retreat. 

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